Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TiMe To PaRtY!!! :)

Playing the wii!

Pizza Time!!!
The adorable new little families...

Time to relax and watch "The Proposal"-love that movie!

I just love movies, games, friends, and pizza! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun with fRiEnDs!!! :)

Our old apartment! Kinda sad we did not get pics with Trent and Janae. :( The wii and scrabble were too distracting though. :)
Back at the Links apartments!

Grabbing Wendy's on the way! :P
Ready to go hang out with Trent and Janae for game night in good ole' Westminster!
It was a good night...now off to bed!
We had so much fun!
I was ready to play! :)
I got my game on! ....
bOwLiNg!!! :D
Deciding what kind of trouble to get into next... ;)
This blackberry lemonade was oh so good! Everything was! Probably had something to do with the fact I had been dieting the last week and on straight health food! :)
RIBS!!! :P
So fun to spoil ourselves with a rare night out and of socializing with friends! :)
Excited for a night on the town with friends!!! :D

Friday, January 1, 2010

HaPpY NeW yEaR!!! 2o1o!!!

The perfect way to bring in the new year.... Socializing....
Food (a MUST!) calories...bring it on....losing weight is for tomorrow! :) That is my new years resolution anyway....lose weight...right alongside....procrastination...;)
I just love this boy!!!:)
playing the wii...again! :)
Ben's silliness....
....and the girlies own silliness....:P
Kisses! ;* XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!!
Romance that is proving to carry through the years...;)
Super Girl Becca!
...Ben is a bit nervous!!!.....
....but I am so excited for 2010!
NeW YeAr's EvE!!!