Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Enjoying Spring and the Summer-like weather! :)

 I watched my friend Camille's baby Mattix for an afternoon. It was interesting and fun juggling a one year old and a 6 month old (especially with Jayden becoming EXTREMELY jealous over me holding another baby) but I survived! :)

 Jayden liked Mattix MUCH better when his own mommy was taking care of him. :)

 Cami and Aaron came over for dinner and a game night. :)

 Cami and Grandma Ahlstrom came over to visit after going out to eat. This was Grandma Ahlstrom's first time seeing our new place. :)

 Jayden LOVES this toy!

 Yup...I get the feeling that in the very near future it may be a little harder to keep my house as organized. :)

 So cute-Jayden will not go to sleep without a cuddle buddy. :)

 Jayden LOVES bath time and splashing-when Jayden bathes, we all get wet! Ha ha! :)

 We joke that this is his little game stop. :)

 I LOVE this picture! He is looking at his favorite picture of Christ on the wall. He stared at it like this for about a half hour and when I asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell Mommy about Jesus, he went off babbling for a good hour. So precious!

 Sitting up on his own....well getting there. ;)

 I LOVE my flowers on my front porch. They were a house warming gift from my good friends Shirleen and Lexi.

 Dinner and f.h.e @ Grandma and Grandpa's! :)

 Do you think someone may be hungry?

 A nice walk around the neighborhood. :)

 Jayden LOVES to go on a walk! :) If he had his way we would be outside all day long. :)

 Jayden gives the best hugs. They come complete with a big long "Ahhh"(just like Mommy does when she hugs him).

Yup, still hooked on his High School Musical! Ha ha! Ben and I are getting a little sick of this show...:S
 Cami came to visit and we went on a walk. :)

 I love how Jayden has a helmet just like his shirt and the bear on his pants do. So cute!

 At Ben's boss's house in Lehi for a work party. :)

 Ha ha, he zonked out while Ben and I were watching a movie. :)
 At our friend Shirleen's for her birthday! :)

 Can you tell the candles make a flower? Ha ha, I am a dork, I know.

 Jayden and his crush, Lexi. ;)

 After dinner we went for a stroll around our old apartment complex. The sunset was BEAUTIFUL!!!

 We stopped by my old visiting teaching companion's apartment and our little one's sure enjoyed each other! :) They talked, cooed, flirted and laughed for a good while. It was so adorable!
 Jayden really knows how to work the ladies. :)
 At my parent's for Lindsay's birthday! :)

 The cake Cami made for her. :)
 Making Mom's famous crescent rolls! DELICIOUS! :P

 The birthday girl and I! :)

 make a wish!

During scripture study Derek read Jayden a book. Jayden thought it was really fun and laughed and giggled the whole time! LOL! :) He cracks me up!