Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flowers on a rough day...

Ben was so sweet and brought flowers and a card home from work after a really emotionally rough day...
...isn't he the sweetest?! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DaTe NiGhTs-Olive Garden and Iron Man 2

Right before Iron Man was about to start...:)
The cool theater by our place! :) It was really a fun environment! :)
So nice to be out has been a little while...
Loving being together! :)
Like little kids we decided we just had to stop for some McDonald's before the show. :)
The cool clouds from the storm we had all day...
YAY!!! Ready to go see Iron Man 2 @ the I-MAX theater!!!
Excited!!! Can ya tell? ;)
Excited for our favorite food-Italian @ Olive Garden!
What a stud!!! ;)
I decided to get cute for Ben for out night out together! ;) This one is for you babe! :*
We always love a night on the town together! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Last moments with Casey

I am REALLY REALLY REALLY going to miss him!!!
We are sure gonna miss you Casey! But we are so proud of you!
Fazoli's and Honami! :) Love this place-so GOOD and fed all of us for 35 bucks!!! :) 11 people!
What a STUD!!!
Casey and I
Eating some good grub!
Proud Mom and Dad :) They have such amazingly, wonderful children! ;)
The "tough guys" and Lindsay can take them all!
Derek-those are benches not horseys. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Mine and Ben's beautiful new room-if I do not say so myself...I only spent 80 bucks! Thank you ross, dollar tree, and michaels! :) Ben and I love it! Thanks for the gorgeous hand-stitched quilt that inspired it all Grandma! :)

Pictures and flowers compliments of Dollar Tree-who'da'thunk?! :)
The shelf I painted. :)
It really brought our room to life!

Just could not stop with the bedroom-so we made signs with our last names and the year we were "established"/ married on them. :) I have wanted one of these forever and now I get one with my own personal touch and handwriting!
Jeni and I proudly showign off our new creations! :)
The beautiful quilt form my Grandma Ahlstrom that inspired it all! :) Thanks Grandma!!!

Saying goodbye to Casey...:( Sure gonna miss him!!!

Driving back south to go home. We had a lovely family dinner telling Casey goodbye before he leaves for the MTC. See you in two years Casey! I will be counting down every day!
Casey and I-look out world! Here we come!!!
Mom and Dad
Cami :)
Grandma Ahlstrom-so good to see her! It had been since last summer!

Honami and Lindsay! :)
Grandma and Grandpa Durfee! LOVE THEM!
Boy does our family have a lot of personality-or should I say personalities! ;)
Ben, Nathan and I-gotta love sharing photos with adorable little ones! ;)
Nathan and Derek!
We are family!!! :)

RaTs in the TUB! :)

After Zoey's traumatizing experience with being out in water for the first time, Ben had the bright idea to let Chloey play in a little bit on her own in the tub first...worked out well she did not even freak when Ben put her in the water to wash her-sorry mommy did think of it first Zoey...
Chloey-she did pretty well, didn't seem to even bug her at all! :) Ben is brillant! There is hope for our kids!
Cute Chloey!
Rub a dub dub! :)