Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day and Our new addition to the family...Caleb!!! :)

 my little angel!
 Cami holding what we ended up getting instead of clothes for Mother's Day. Ironic that I got something more to take care of. ;)...but I told Ben if he got me a house we would get a dog. Honestly, I am a little nervous raising a pitbul considering I have never really been around dogs, but I have always wanted a dog and I have a good feeling about this one. :) We got a killer deal thanks to Jayden being so cute to the seller's wife and how well this little puppy took to us. :)

 Me and my little boys. :)

 Caleb sleeps in some of the most awkward positions. lol :D

 My whole world!
 Caleb meeting the whole gang at our Mother's Day get together. :)

 My little guy LOVES the outdoors! Especially grass, which most babies don't seem to care for.

 Me and my puppy! A childhood dream of mine. :)

 Present time! :)

 Ya, it was a little bright out (I came home with my first sunburn of the year), thank goodness my man was amazing and helped shade us with this big umbrella. :)

 another awkward position...can you say"kink in the neck"? ha ha!

 Napping with Great Grandpa Durfee while Mommy helped Grandma take down wallpaper so we can start her home's makeover for her Mother's Day gift from my mom and me. :)

 Jayden loves walks with his Great Grandpa Durfee!

 Caleb playing with Daddy after work. :)

 Caleb and his favorite toy/cuddle buddy "Hedgie" the hedge hog. :)

 Our first walk...needless to say Caleb was a little stubborn as far as who was in charge of the leash-he is much better now. :)

 Yup "Mr. I like to think I am I charge here". Good thing he is cute! ;)
 He got tired pretty quick, so we let him ride in the stroller. :)
 Jayden's first time standing (with a little help from Daddy and the couch), but still my little baby is growing up!

 I absolutely ADORE this cute little boy!

 Caleb and his little buddy. :)
 ...and his "not so little one" as well. :)

 Taking down the wallpaper!

 All done!!! (with one wall at least) :)
I love moments like this one!