Wednesday, August 29, 2012

bEaR LaKe!!!

 3am watching a scary movie. Things got REALLY creepy when the power went out right at a very suspenseful and creepy part. Good thing my guy was there to protect me/ freak out with me. :)
 Off to Bear Lake!!! :D

 yup...I did that...Caleb is SO gentle I can feed him right from my mouth and he does not even touch me.
 My Jayden loves the outdoors and LOVES to camp!!!
 Saki is quite the pro on this thing!
 Setting up camp!

 Jayden felt right at home with all of his favorite things...:)

 Excited to enjoy a little jet skiing!!!

 Love these two sillies!

 Ya...I was a little excited...:)

 Waiting our turn and then...
 we were off!!!

 Jayden did NOT want to wait until we got back to go swimming, so Grandma was nice and helped him get ready and get out there!

 Sand Castles!!!

 Luckily he didn't eat any of the sand, dirt, rocks, grass, sea shells, etc.! :)

 Jayden was a little better at destroying than building...we all have our talents, right? ;)

 Hannah was so cute and brought us all "treasures" she had found at the beach.
 Treasures more precious than gold...;)

 Gram's and I! :)

 Holy Big Bird, Batman! :)

 It was AMAZING to watch something so large fly so gracefully!
 All tuckered out after an afternoon of playing hard! (The only way we Ostler's know how!).

 My cute boysies!!!

 Just goofing off while waiting for dinner time!

Jayden has this look on his face big deal..."pretty girls kiss me all the time". LOL!

 Camping is not complete without s'mores!!!

 Jayden LOVES being the center of attention!!!

 Songs around the campfire!!!
Jayden's cute little camping bag/sleeper. This was Ben's when he was little. :)

After calling and calling his name he turns around and looks at me with this look like, "yes?" it was too funny!

 My happy little camper slept 10 hours straight! SO much better than our last camping adventure! Other than the creepy skunk that followed me around all night it was a pretty darn good night!

 Andrea is the BEST babysitter!!!

 Jayden LOVED playing in the dirt!

 Even with a tarp and sleeping bag to crawl on...he preferred to crawl on the rocks. Crazy child!!!

Our little mechanic!!! He was COVERED in grease after this little adventure of his. Good thing we had Dawn dish soap on hand!

Caleb LOVES Uncle Casey!

Right after getting into trouble, he always hides. At home it is behind Jayden's swing.
 Another fun day at the beach with more sand castles, water and fun in the sun!!!

My cousin Kaitlyn and I. LOVE this girl!

Jayden is fearless when it comes to the water (makes Mommy a little nervous). He particularly likes putting his whole face under...seriously?

Playing in the sandbar!

 The fun tricycle my Grandma rented!!!

Jayden LOVED it!

Even Grandma went!

 I LOVE time with my cute family!!! Jayden got a little sand and water splashed on his face and spent about 15 minutes spitting afterwards.
 My happy little guy!!!
He was so covered in sand we ended taking his diaper off and giving him a full bath in the lake.

 It was a BLAST! It was hard to leave! Hope to see you soon, Bear Lake!!!