Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lots going on...

1. Ben is about to graduate this week-FINALLY! I am SO proud of him!!!

2. I am going to be finishing my Bachelor's Degree with Weber State's online program...a little late in the game, but I am proud of myself none-the-less, with all we have going on and my normal anxiety, it is a BIG step for me. :)

3. Ben is joining the Air Force!!! CRAZY!!! We have fasted and prayed and really feel like this is what we are supposed to be doing. So the house I worked so hard and long to find and get will become a rental, Ben will be going to basic sometime in the next 6 months and I will be flying solo for over 2 months (I don't want to think about that part right now...:( ).

4. Jayden in almost 1 year old and we are preparing for his next surgery due in September...hoping I can be strong for my little man through another one. So hard to see your child suffer.

5. We are going to Lava Hot Springs, Bear Lake and Moab all in the next two months-pretty excited to have some fun adventures to take us away from it all. :)

 LOTS going on! Lots of facts...lots of emotions! It sums it all up in one of my favorite quotes-"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!" Wish us luck!!! :)

and ready for some fun adventures to take us away from it all. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FUN in the SUN!!! :)

 I LOVE my boysies!!!

 El Matador with Grandma, one of my very best friends for a girl's night out!!! :) I am sure gonna miss her when we leave.

 Life is sure getting busy around here! :)
 I LOVE soaking my feet in the foot spa Ben bought me for Christmas the first year we were married. Jayden LOVES it too! Ha ha!

 Jayden LOVES playing with his aunts and uncles!

 My little man LOVES to cuddle with soft things. If I throw even a little pillow on the ground he speed crawls (as we call it) over to it with the biggest grin and has to bury his face in it before rolling over and relaxing on his back. SO stinkin' cute!!!

 Swimming @ the Brigham Pool! This is becoming a weekly tradition! :)

 Our little guy LOVES the water and LOVES to splash!!!

 Casey came over and we made Thai food together! So SPICY, but SO good! :)

 Jayden likes to play with his tooth that is coming in by sucking his upper lip in and sticking his tongue out and makes the loudest sucking noises while doing so-silly boy!!!

 Did I mention it is spicy?! Ha Ha!

 Jayden is such a ham whenever the camera is around-I LOVE it cuz he is almost always smiling in pictures.
 I wonder where he gets it...;)

 I could not get over how stinkin' cute he looked in Daddy's hat! :)

 Jayden LOVES playing with friends both in the mirror and out! ;)

 Jayden is so social everywhere we go! He makes new friends all the time!

 Socializing can be SO exhausting! :)

 Playing @ Grandma's is the BEST!

 Jayden LOVES furry friends!

 Jayden has awesome aunts and uncles that get down and play on his level. :)

Ben and I had a bit of fun on the tramp! I don't think we will EVER grow up, and I am perfectly fine with that! Pleased to announce that after 5 years since being on a tramp...I can still land a flip! Woot! :)

 All the jumping tuckered us right out! Maybe we are getting a little old to be acting like little kids... :)

 The cool heart-shaped potato from my Dad's garden. :)

 Our cheesy little cowboy!
 Where Jayden spends most of his time while inside...can ya tell he LOVES the outdoors? ;)

 My new swimming gear! I LOVE it! I got the suit for just 6 bucks! I LOVE deals! :)

 Oh, just one of our weekly trips to the pool and this time Grandpa even came! :)

 I LOVE sunsets!!!

 Hanging out with Grandma Ostler!

The toy Ben found while working. It was a bit banged up...but he decided it still deserved a good home. :)

 The BEAUTIFUL double rainbow we had the other night! :)
 YAY!!! Cami and Andrea came for a sleepover! :)
 Nature walk by the pond. :)

 Nothing beats homemade chili and breadsticks!!!
 We moved this wall hanging below the clock from above the bed to make room for our new addition to our master suite! :)
 We FINALLY got a bed frame thanks to my AMAZING friend Heidi who thought of us when she was given one and gave it to us and even delivered it for FREE! :)

 Caleb LOVED playing with his aunts! :)

 I LOVE it!!! :)

 YAY for sleepovers and AWESOME girl time! :)
 My oh-so-fun Saturday activity surprise I found in the closet when I went to get out the cleaning supplies...
 Playing a little wii!!!

 Not so into the idea of wearing Daddy's hat this time around...
 Yup new friends again @ Church!

 I am such a kid! I LOVE when you get treats at church! :P

 Dinner, Games and Fun with friends that was about 3 1/2 years overdue!

 Jayden had fun with his new girlfriend! ;)

 Can't beat desserts and Cranium!!! :)

 Me having to draw with my eyes closed...interesting, but definitely brought some laughs!
 Hitting up Willard Bay for some boating and fun in the sun!!!

 Mine and Ben's turn!!! We LOVED every minute of is and really, REALLY did not want to go home. :)


 Our chill little Jayden lounged at relaxed the entire ride! :)

I LOVE our little family adventures! My family is PERFECT!!!...okay, maybe not "perfect", but perfect for me. :) I am SO blessed!!!
 Ben chasing his flip flops...:)

 Time for some yummy grub!!! Tubing sure builds an appetite!

 Jayden LOVED being out and all the attention he got...his favorite activity was kissing the married women...oh boy!!! Ha ha ha!

 We went tubing again about an hour after this and had a GORGEOUS sunset as our backdrop...too bad I left the camera on shore, but this is still pretty. :)
 The ONLY way I can get him to hold still while I change his diaper-He LOVES books!!! :)