Saturday, September 26, 2009

A FuN FiLlEd DaY aT tHe PaRk!!! :)

Pooped after a fun morning at the park!
Becca and I found a wonderful hideout under a pine tree...
Rachael and I waiting for Becca to find us...
Becca found a lucky penny...."My precious!" Rachael and I did not fight her for it we did not want to get strangled...
Yummy Snacks...Girls just gotta have their CHOCOLATE!!! :P
Time to Refuel before a game of hide-and-seek!
Rachael took this picture-She really captured it! I love nature!
Girls just wanna have fun!!!
cRaZy GiRl!!!
Can't forget the swings!!! :) Wahoo!

Hitting up the jungle gym!!! :D
Pretty plants by the park bench!
I should have been a cheerleader-HA HA! :D
Girls will be girls! ;*
Becca and I chillin in the shade...
Le Chicas!
It was such a beautiful park! :) and so fun too...not to mention a perfect day! :)
Gorgeous waterfall!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Homeless and jobless and trying to figure things out...ugh!

The Provo Temple...and the watermark! :) We decided to go back to Colorado and left the next day...we will see how it goes, but at least Ben is working and we have a place to stay with my aunt and uncle. :)
I love the Temple grounds...almost as much as that watermark on the lense-haha

Ben and I decided to try to find some peace and answers to life's mysteries at the temple! :)
Bleh! Two homeless, jobless, lost souls...
Ben's turn who was just as enthusiastic about it! ha ha!
expressing my feelings about job hunting...need I say more? :)
And on to Provo to find jobs and an apartment! Yay-NOT!
Ben fell asleep at my Grandparents while we were watching a show...I tell ya stress wears ya out!
Derek almost looks innocent when he is asleep ha ha...jk he is adorable! At my parents he came down one morning and woke Ben and I up and asked us to play nintendo with him. He couldn't find the controllers and asked us to help. I told him to ask mom where they were and he replied with "No, I can't ask mom. She doesn't know. I am sneaking into it!" as if Ben and I were the dumbest people in the world like duh guys...ha ha it was hilarious! :D
Ben was out and asleep a lot! poor guy!
Kyle took Ben's ring and told him I was his now...something is wrong with this picture...:D
My turn! :)
Derek decided reading stories with Ben would be more fun! :) Ben will make a good daddy one day! :)
Family Scripture Study!

My mom and I
LA La la Love!
Andrea and I
Being silly with my dad
My adorable Grandma and I. She came to see Ben and I! Good thing since we ended up moving back to Colorado!
The kiddies!
Honami and I...she is my families foreign exchange student. She spent a summer with us a few years back and now is back for the school year! :) She is a cutie!:)
Cami, Lindsay and I...gotta love Lindsay!!! the little turkey!
Me and the boys Jared and Kyle...gotta love little brothers!
Ben was so tired after the trip back...
The beautiful sunset we got to enjoy on our way back into Utah! :) I just love the sky!
One of the very few scenic spots during the 8 hour drive through Wyoming...
The Tiki Man...ha ha
My good friend Kyle Bybee and I. Ben and I stoppped in Rock Springs to say hello! :)
We were packed in our car with all all stuff...can't wait to have it all together and in one place again...Someday
Driving back to Utah...little did we know we would be driving back to Colorado less than two weeks is funny that way.