Friday, December 28, 2012

The VERY Merry Christmas of 2012!

 Early Christmas presents from my parents and
...a completely anonymous stranger! A guy showed up one evening with all this and said nothing other than Merry Christmas and that he was not at liberty to say who it was from...we were so very touched.
 Primerica Christmas Party! It was a BLAST and I even won 1st place and $25 from the talent show! My first paying gig! ;)

 My prizes. :)
 Pizza picnic with Camille and Mattix while the hubbies were out on appointments. Good times!!!
 Mattix and Jayden and their sippies. :)

 Boys will be boys...:)

 Ahlstrom family Christmas Party!

 Jayden really got into the whole present thing this year. It made it all so much fun!

 Yay for pajamas and movie passes!!! :)
 Jayden's favorite morning activity-watching Sesame Street while cuddled in a blankie eating cheerios.

 Time for our SPUD NUT Christmas  Eve party with Grandma and Grandpa Durfee, Casey, Jared, Kyle Bybee and of course my boysies!!! :)

 Jayden and I got to enjoy some presents from Casey and Jared. :)

 Ya...too bad he does not like stuffed animals. ;)

 He kept making monster "roaring" noises while playing with his stuffed shark from Jared.

 Candle holder and Walmart gift card from Jared and Casey.

 Casey and Caleb taking it easy...

 Time to start frying and glazing and then my favorite part-EATING them!

 Can you say YUM?!

 I think Casey was a little excited...;)
 Poor Caleb wanted so badly to be a part of the group. If only he wasn't so hyper and if only Grandma wasn't allergic...

 I LOVE this one! It is hilarious! Look at his little bum arched in the air as he tries to get close to his doggie. :) ADORABLE!
 Christmas Eve presents from our anonymous friends-BRAVE!

 a cute outfit for Jayden (too bad the one with the jammies was not opened until the next morning).

Mine and Ben's little  treat. :)
 Jayden was SUPER thoughtful and decided to make snow for when Santa came by shredding napkins.

 I think Ben was a little excited that Santa would soon come...
 ...and come he did!!! :)

 Looks like Jayden was a good boy this year (of course we all know what a sweetie he is). :) Mega Blocks!


 and more toys!

 and Ice Age!

 Clapping after opening all his presents...I think he approved. :)
 ...and then he got busy playing!

 Another treat Ben and I decided to indulge in....YUM! We may or may not have eaten them all right then and there...;)

 Snuggling and watching Brave. Cute show!

 Jumping on the bed...look at that little smile. :)

 The next day, Ben's parents called asking if they could come by and play Santa. We decided we would let them. ;)

 Ben's old Christmas Bear from when he was little that plays music. Jayden LOVES to dance and sing along to it! :)

 and a cute little reindeer stuffed animal. :)
 We are a little spoiled...

 Cute scarf! My Mother-in-law always finds me the cutest stuff!

 and this sentimental picture considering all we have been through the past while it sure meant a LOT!
 Did I mention we got a WHITE CHRISTMAS?! Because, we SURE DID!!! :)

 Then today my parent's came by and we got the Santa experience for a 3rd day in a row! We feel SO loved!
 Jayden got this cute farm set. He has not stopped playing with it since!

 and then he helped me open my presents...he is really starting to LOVE this tradition!

 Family pictures! (don't mind all the no makeup photos...I have decided to take it easy and not get ready for the past few days...:) ).
 and food and 20 second fitness so we can work it off afterwards! :) Merry Christmas, Everyone!!! :D