Tuesday, March 30, 2010

oStLeR FaMiLy FuN!!! :)

Ben's brother and his family came down form Maryland for a visit. We had a blast hanging with them and my brother Casey. Hot Tubbing at Crystal Hot Springs!
Elijah and Ben. Ben is such a good uncle! He will make a great father one day! :)
Ben and I enjoying a little R&R. :)
Our niece and nephew! :)
Ben and I on Ben's parents property.
My love and I
Time to roast some hot dogs and marshmallows! :P
Elizabeth and mom
Elizabeth and I
Jalia and I
The gang working on making a some yummy homemade ice cream. :P And boy was it good!
Celeste and I-She is adorable!
My guy and I
Elijah and I rocking out!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ZoEy and cHloEy!!!

Ben and Zoey
We got ourselves a house-warming gift-pet Rats! :)
Love their little hands! :)
Still curious about their new home. :)
Pretty crazy how they move and how flexible and soft their bones are...
Peek-a-boo...still not too sure what to think of us, or the flash on the camera, although they are very intrigued and interested in us and teh camera. :)
Zoey is a little too brave when it comes to jumping off of my arm or hand. :)
Zoey and I

Zoey and Ben :)
Their lovely new home! :)
Chloey and I
They are warming up to us and are okay with us holding them! :)
They love to play in their ball! :)
They love to climb and cuddle with each other...this will probably turn into a bit more fighting later on. :)
Well not quite ready for children and can't really get a dog at this point in time so we decided to get rats! :) We are really growing quite fond of them! :)

Friends over for dinner! :)

Camille and I
Ben and Camille
Ben and I
The boys...of course playing the wii...:)
Camille and I having a little girl time! :)
Goofing off!
Excited to spend the evening with friends!
Matty and I
Matty wake boarding on the wii

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun with Spencer and Tori!! :)

HaPpY St. Patties Day!!! Heading home to make caramel popcorn and continue our Harry Potter marathon!!! :) Yay!!!
I am so in love with this boy!!!
Working it for the camera...
That's my man!!! ;)
Keely-if ever a kitty were in need of midol-this is the one!!! lol!
Ben and big Kitty! :)
Cats, Cats and more Cats!!! :)
Spencer and Tori would not get along...so we decided to make them sit on time out until they decided to like each other again....
I don't know if it is true love, or they just wanted off timeout, but it worked!!! :)
Group photo!!! :) Smile everyone!

My love and I!
Proud Spencer and his mosquito plant. :)