Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jayden's first 2 weeks!!! :)

Jayden loved the sling his first couple days...I think it reminded him of the womb. :) It was nice to be able to comfort him and have my hands free. :)
He loves having his arms and hands free...
Ben is such a cute Daddy!
The family came down Jayden's 1st Sunday to meet him and have a picnic! :)

Andrea and Jayden
Great Grandpa Durfee and Jayden
Derek and Jayden
Jared and Jayden

Great Grandma Durfee and Jayden
Great Grandma Ahlstrom and Jayden
Family picnic at the park Jayden's 1st Sunday! :)
Jayden's first trip outside...too bad he slept through it...:)

Time for some sloppy joes!

I have always loved watching my Dad with babies, but seeing him with mine is the BEST! :)

1st bath @ home! :)

Just look at this adorable face!
Heidi and Jayden
Lexi and Jayden
Boy is this little one the center of attention-literally! :)

feeding at the dr.'s office. :)
He tinkled all over the mat before they could put the pad a new mom I got so embarassed. Luckily the nurses were good about it. :)

Jayden and his doctor, Dr. Hollingsworth. :) 4-days old (newborn checkup) Jayden is looking good and healthy for being such a little guy. :)

I love my little guy!

Grandma got a picture of herself while watching Jayden while mommy and daddy went on their first date as parents to Olive Garden and then grocery shopping. :)

Cute little feet!
Grandpa came down for chili and breadsticks and a movie...but mostly to be with Jayden. :)

I LOVE this boy!

Cami and Jayden

Matt Fleming and Jayden

Korina Lee and Jayden
They both had had a long day...:)

Matt meeting Jayden

Jayden loves nestling into Daddy! :)
Love how they are looking at each other! Anya made this little bed for Jayden. :)

I love how little Malania is looking at him. :)
Uncle Matt loves Jayden! :)
What 3 am and a fussy baby who won't eat or sleep, but just wants to be held does to you...:)

Keely and Clark Harper came down to meet Jayden and make us dinner. :)

Love my little guy!

1st Trip to Grandma and Grandpa's for Family Sunday Dinner! (Grandma Ahlstrom's new once a month tradition) :)
Jayden is literally the center of attention...:)

We even had theater seating for the big show...wish I could entertain people like this my just sitting in a car seat. :)
Ryan and Hilary got to meet him! :)
Nathan was finally better and could hold him. :)

Uncle Larry and Jayden. They will be buddies in no time! :)
Grandpa and Jayden
I love all the different preferences in position he has while chillin'
I imagine this was his favorite postion (well only) in the womb...;)
and other times he likes to sprawl out. :)
Jayden loves visiting with Grandma
Andrea and Jarom Coleman
Love this shot-so small wonder
Love cuddling my little buddy!

Grandma and how he is hanging onto her shirt. :)
First time in his swing...he was so tiny in it! Ha ha gotta love how he is checking his handsome self out in that mirror. :)
I LOVE my baby even if it means being super tired and rarely getting ready for the day. I would not trade my time with Jayden for anything! :)
heading out to Jayden's 2 week appt.
My little sweetheart
Love him, LoVe him, LOVE HIM!!!