Friday, February 26, 2010

Life as we know it....

-Still sick, going on day 10:(

-Packing it all up again :(

-Seems like we spent more time packing up our life than living it this year :(

-Moving back tomorrow :)

-Found a ride :)

-Staying with Gram and Gramps :)

-Car won't be fixed until next week :(

-Apartment hunting in the Salt Lake Area :)

-Possibly job hunting if I can't transfer with Nordtrom's :(

-Excited for time with Ben though and happy he, at least, is constant in my life :)

-Chances better than ever of finally getting settled :)

-Probably won't have internet access for a week or two :(

-Talk to you all again then! :)

-The usual combinations of the many emotions life renders on a daily basis... :S

But there you all have it...a little you can see not much has changed...moved 7 times since April 09'...Thanks to awesome family and new friends for letting us stay in your more move to go....hopefully this time will be better than our last attempts to get settled...and will actually be a place we can call our own:)..In the meantime I will remain positive...I will...I will...

Life has been nothing like we expected but in many ways being married to Ben makes my life better than I ever thought It could be...and although I feel like we are always flying by the seat of our pants...I guess that is just life...and at the end of the day I have love and happiness in my life and the Lord...and I can testify he has been with us, guiding and protecting us every step of the way.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GiRly TiMe and AVATAR in 3-D!!!

So Stoked-Seriously was a good movie!!! :)
Rockin' the 3-D glasses! ;)

Waiting for Avatar to start....
Cody liked chillin' on the bed while we girls talked and giggled! :D
Not so punk Kendra...:) She looks sweet again! ;)
Chillin' with cody
"Lookin' like a fool with yo pants on da ground..."
Kendra from da hood!

Monday, February 15, 2010

vAlEnTiNeS dAy!!! xoxoxo

The cute sucker Kendra made me!
The chocolates Ben got me! So sweet-literally! :P
Best Friends!!!
Kendra and I
Sweet little Cody...Just could not be Valentine's Day without him around...:)
Valentine's Dinner-Thanks Dawn it was delicious! Can't beat a roast beef dinner!
Still so in love...ha ha ;)
Valentine's Day...We got engaged 2 years ago today! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Staying @ the Grandpa and Grandma Hotel!

Grandpa's crazy orange we named it "skunk"! :)
Ben found my hair styling very amuzing apparently because he documetned the process with the camera! ha ha!

Deciding that after two days of grunginess, it was time to get dolled up! :)
The boys did not quite make it....but Grandma and I enjoyed it!
As if we had not had enough suspense with almost killing ourselves a day ago we decided we needed to watch twister...:)
Feels good to truly be smiling again! :)
Ronald liked Grandma best though....look out Grandpa! ;)
Ben decided he needed to prove he could look just as good for me as Ronald could...:)
Meeting Ronald McDonald...I think I found a new man Ben....

Trying to goof off amid all the stress! We were in desparate need of some silliness and laughter!
Just what a girl in distress needs! :) Chocolate!
Deciding we needed to go to the store and buy some Junk Food and binge!
Casey was drove us around during the whole ordeal while we were in Utah. Goodness love him!!!
Feeling better and worse all at once after a visit to the chiropractor...whip lash kills! But just glad we are all still alive and together.
Not even a soldier can take the heat of grandma's chili! :) ha ha!
Trying to keep on smiling....I look horrible after bawling for an entire day...but I think I can still fake it pretty good! :)

CaR cRaSh!!!!

Right about where the accident was, only there was no guard rail where we spun out. I am just glad we flipped around and hit the cement barrier instead of going off into the ravine!
Bye bye car see you in a month! :(

Bent the back axle....broke of the side view mirror and the hub cap, broke the supsension, and scraped all along the passanger side of the car.

I was driving and Grandma, Ben and I were heading up Weber canyon on our way back to Denver, when we hit ice coming around a bend going 55 mph. We started fishtailing back and forth, began to straighten out and gain control, hit ice again and the car flipped around and crashed into the cement barrier and slid along it for about 20 feet. We were lucky the car flipped that way or we would have rolled down the ravine and none of us probably would have made it. We were all okay which is a miracle. Needless to say it will be a while until I drive again.

Trip to Utah....Fun with Family!

pretty appropriate considering our life was about to turn upside down! :S
It was yummy! :P
I-Hop with Gram and Gramps! :)
Getting ready to stop by and have breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa on our way back to Denver.
Derek the warrior!
Me and my sweetie!
Kyle, Nathan, and Casey
Lindsey playing soccer with a stuffed animal! Goodness love her but I am glad I am not her stuffed toy! :)
Kyle and I
Derek loved feeling tall and powerful-he loves Ben!
These boys love when Ben and I visit so they can play with Ben!
Mom and I
Ben playing checkers with Andrea. Andrea made this checkerboard! :)
Dad and I
Jared and I
Boys will be boys!
Andrea and I
Me and two of my favorite boys!
Girls being girls....:)
Casey and Mel
Honami, Ben and I
Letting our food settle....
Derek loves this toy!
Nathan being spider man! Kyle being his cute self!
Cami and Honami

Time to eat! Best time in my opinion!
Mom and Dad working their magic inthe kitchen! YUM!!!
Mary adn Mel!
Love this boy!!! He is so good for me!
Cami and I
Honami and I
Ben's dad playing with Andrea and Lindsey.
Donny and Ben
Long drive...
Heading back to Utah for a weekend!