Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Ostlers sure love our water!

Excited for a fun night swimming with Ben's brother's family!
A little Star Wars action-warming up for our swim...:)
Ben and Rory
Little Anya really gave Ben a run for his money! :)
I have adorable neices!!!
Sweet little Malania
Kisses??? :)
A couple sillies...:)
A not so camera shy Anya. :)
Ready to swim after enjoying some delicious burgers-thanks Matt!
It's party time!

Matt and Julie
The little kiddies loving their time in the water!

yes...he is one of them..still a kid in so many ways-look how cute he is with his little water toy. :) I hope he never grows up we have so much fun together!

Swam til 11-visited til about 2 am-Ben fell asleep around midnight...:)
My feelings on heading out to work on 3 hours of sleep. :S
But it was so worth it-I would go back and do it again! :) Love visiting with Matt and Julie!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer fun with friends!!!

Ben cutting the watermelon for our scrumptious steak dinner!!! So good! We love our barbeque!!!
Ben and Jarom heading to the pool!
Playing with our favorite toy Mr. Skippie!
Andrea and Jarom
We just love the water!

We could play all day!
Ben and I practicing dance aerials in the water! So much fun!

Sorry a bit blurry trying to catch it all...we took turns jumping in the pool...

Perfect 10!!! What a splash! :)
My turn!

My splash was not so impressive...:)
Chillin' :)
Jarom and Andrea
Sweet kisses
We be a couple of sillies! :)
Ready to head home...swimming and playing really takes it out of ya! :)
The boys playing the wii
We girls chilled and did what girls do best visit and play with our rats Zoey and Chloey...;) Never said I was your typical girl. :)
Not wanting to end the night...but work calls early in the morning...:S

I love my hubby!!!