Friday, November 19, 2010

Making time for the important things...

Grabbing Candy bars to celebrate Kyle's birthday after seeing Phantom @ BEHS-It was AMAZING!!!
Hangin with the family afterwards

Kyle came home with us to spend the weekend-isn't he adorable? ;) Bet you are all jealous! :)
In-N-Out @ 12:30 am because Ben and I did not have time to get dinner before the show.
Kyle's 1st time-Ithink he enjoyed!
It was a fun night!
Pizza and soda-out of the goodness of our hearts we gave in and dropped the diet while Kyle stayed with us...for him of course...;) No personal gain whatsoever.

Heading to Shirleen's to do dinner with her, Lexi, and Chirs-what a fun night! Love these peeps!

Date night w/ Gram n' Gramps...Love our double dates!
Happy 48th Anniversary you two!!!
We were so bad last week... we tried to work out extra hard at the Gym.
Look at those muscles-what a hottie!!!
Playdate with Alyssa and Paige-love these girls!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Late Nights and Fun Times!

Late night Hot Cocoa run to Maverick on "Binge Day" :)

Showing off the muscles I am working so hard for...:) I have a new respect for weightlifting!
Ben showing off his feminine side...;)

Guilty! Caught in the act! :S
Just being weird...

...and random!
It was so windy and cold! Brrrr!
I love the fall leaves and colors!
F.H.E-Chili's and Mancala!
Modeling for Ben-we are so goofy! :)

Chili's! We had been wanting it all week-but we just can't enjoy junk food anymore-especially that ugh feeling it leaves you with-excited to get back on track with our healthy eating and working out! :)
Mancala-love this game!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hanging with Friends and HaLlOwEeN!!!


hanging with my bestest buddie Kyle
Ben was out....zzzzzzzzzzzzz
I did Courtney's hair for her Jasmine costume...turned out pretty good if I don't say so myself...:)

Halloween dinner-steaks, sparkling grape juice, all while watching One Tree Hill :)
Austin Phipps came over later for a scary movie and snacks-thanks for bringing the yummy dip!
Getting ready to watch some scary movies!

Sugar cookie time!

It was a good Halloween!!! :)