Thursday, September 13, 2012

The last two weeks of Summer!

 Excited for yummy El Matador with Grandma and Grandpa. :)
 The boys trying to decide what to order...;)

 Jayden LOVED it! We got so busy feeding him, we almost forgot to keep feeding ourselves. :)
 This little guy LOVES the outdoors and everything you find there!

 Mad that I would not give him the camera...

 Hitting up the City Creek Center Mall with Grandma Durfee! :)

 It was the perfect spot for a Girl's Day! :) SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

 Grabbing some yummy grub that even Jayden enjoyed with us. :)

 This little one LOVES the water! Especially the getting wet part. :)

 Out to the new Kneader's with Grandma Ahlstrom! So Yummy and such a fun girl's lunch date!

 Can you say YUM?!
 Walking around the nature trail and hanging out in the park afterwards.

 Yay for being licensed and ready to make my dreams and ambitions in life come true!!! :D
 Jayden LOVES when Uncle Casey comes to visit!

 My Birthday presents from my Mom! I LOVE them! Thanks, Mom! :)

 Hitting up the Box Elder County Fair!

 "What's so interesting about a boring rabbit when you have a fun puppy at home, anyway?" LOL
 He liked the bigger animals MUCH better! He was mad I would not let him in the pen with them!

 My lovie and I
My Mother-in-law's artwork. She made us one that says our last name with a heart on the end. :)

 A fun night with family and friends!


Yay for new phones, table, microwave and dishwasher! :) All for incredible deals too!

We did not have a container for his leftover chicken noodle soup, so we put it in his bottle. Well, he got a hold of it and decided to strain that cold soup right out of the bottle! Silly boy!
Here lies Hedgie the Hedge Hog (what remains of him) R.I.P. little buddy. Caleb was pretty torn up about it...:(

Peach Days!!! First stop: Peach City! :)

 Ha ha LOVE his face! "I want a burger!!!" :)
 ...can ya blame him?
Pics in from of the Temple, since I forgot my camera for the Open House.

 I LOVE that my family can be together FOREVER!
 So BEAUTIFUL! Both the Temple and the sunset.

 Caleb LOVES to cuddle with Daddy!

 As I said...this doggie loves to cuddle!

 Me and my hunny!

I LOVE spending time with my family!

 Girl's Day @ City Creek Center! First stop: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Afterall, what is a Girl's Day without chocolate?
 Grandma and Jayden :)

 The Girlies and Jayden, of course. :)

 Heidi and I-LOVE this girl!!!

 Jayden gives the BEST hugs! HANDS DOWN!!! :)

 Ben, this is what I want for Christmas! ;)
 Jayden LOVED the Disney store almost as much as Mommy!
 Heidi and her favorite princesss. :)
 Jayden LOVED the mirrors in the castle-wish I could have gotten one with the big grin he had, but I was too busy enjoying the moment. :)
 Cheesecake Factory for lunch!
 What is the Cheesecake Factory without cheesecake? :)
 This little boy LOVES his blankies!!!

 It has been a fun couple weeks!!! :)