Thursday, January 26, 2012

Healing and recovering while having FUN! :)

 3 days after surgery and looking good! :)
 chillin' with momma while she gets a footzone from her mommy. :)

 cute little baby (drool and all). ;)

 Hanging out for a sleepover and spudnuts (doughnuts made with potatoes) with Grandma and Grandpa Durfee

 I-hop for breakfast! YUM!

 4 generation photo...Grandma, Mom and I are all the oldest. Jayden broke the tradition by being a boy, but we love him anyway. :)
 The dudes
 Time to make the spudnuts!

 I was the ever so impressive "glazer"! :)

 He was having fun sitting up all by himself. He would get mad if we tried to help him, but Mommy stayed close all the same just in case.

 So we could eat dinner we let him listen to music on Daddy's phone. My little one sure loves his tunes just like I do. :)
 Sunday family dinner @ our apartment after I sang in church. It was a little crowded with such a big group and Jayden was super tired and overwhelmed, but would not go to sleep with all the company there.

 Winding down with Daddy after everyone left.
 F.h.e with our neighbors...baked spagetti, apples to apples game, the wii and chocolate pie!

 He LOVES to play in his exersaucer. made it hard with his arm restraints though...:(

 He really liked watching us play the wii! :) So cute!

 Jayden chillin' with his buddies at his favorite place (Mommy and Daddy's bed).

 laughing :D

 His first time trying cereal...he was NOT a fan! LOL!

 Double Date with Matt and DeNeige! :) Navajo tacos, apples to apples and scones and honey butter. :)

 Jayden has his poker face on! ...well his apples to apples face anyway. :)

 Us posing with our cards (Ben and I always say the ones you win describe you) We have "Mr. RaNdOm" that totally describes Matt.
 Miss "that time of the month girl" lol
 Miss "all about the business"
 "the shy, nerdy, flirt" (too bad nerdy and shy were flashed out).
 Hanging out with the family for shopping, babysitting, and cranium til 3 am. :) GOOD TIMES!!!

 We are getting excited for Jayden's first Valentine's Day. I say this onesie at Walmart and for $3, I just had to have it! :)
 Not sure why...but he liked sitting like this. I kept sitting him upright and he would just return to this same position. Silly boy!
 Ben is ready for battle!!!

 Double date with our neighbors once again. Jayden was bot sure what to think of their dogs, but did not seem scared either. :)

 Cranium!!! We are becoming a little obsessed. Ha ha

 Daisy really, REALLY liked giving Ben hugs (over and over again) ha ha ha

King of the house!!! Doesn't he look regal?!;)