Sunday, April 25, 2010

GiRlY TiMe!!!

Cami and Honami came to visit over Spring Break! :) and boy did we have a blast!!! Tatoos, exploding eggs, shopping, movies, lots of food-( none of it good for you), america's next top model obsessive episode watching (sorry ben), and really late nights filled with laughter and a ton of silliness-the pics say the rest! :) enjoy!
So amidst our goofing off. Ben forgot he was boiling eggs and they exploded and needless to say I had to throw away my pan-but it sure was hilarious. Don't think I will let him cook unsupervised from now on. :)
Still love him though!

All in all IT WAS A BLAST!!! I need to just kick it and chill and goof off! Thanks girlies!!!

Detox to a stressful day!

This was perfect end to fix the day! :)
I love candles and they were everywhere!
Ben even pulled out a bottle of his "special reserved" crystal light! :)
It was so nice to come home to!
Ben making the final preparations
So excited to finally be together after almost 14 hours apart at work!
I had a horribly stressful/emotional/awful/hard day...and I came home to a candlelight house, and Ben had prepared turkey steaks, mashed potatoes and beans. I tell you he is just the best. It was so nice I cried-and they were the first good tears I had shed all day! It was wonderful! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Evening walks together

Watching American Idol and drinking hot cocoa as we warmed ourselves by the fire! :)
On the over pass...
A fun little creek we found. :) I-215 and the gorgeous sunset! :)
Ben and I...
Strollin' :)
Muddy! YUCK! :P
Excited to get out of the house together for a bit. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Our roast beef, candlelight, complete with sparkling white grape juice easter dinner!
And boy was it good!!! :P
I love candlelight settings!

I found all my goodies! Yay!

I burnt myslef on the lightbulb when I mistook it for the egg. OUCH! :(
My turn to find my eggs!
I hid Ben's pretty darn good if I do not say so myself! :)
Ben finding his eggs!

Watching conference together!

Chillin' and enjoying conference

Our beautiful eggs!
Dying our easter eggs!
We had a blast!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ostler Family Dinner! :)

Ostler Family photo...and Casey :) Yay for having timers in our cameras so we could all be in the picture!
Mom and her boys! :)
The boys
Enjoying the movie together!
Grandpa and Celeste. She was so cute and was waving to the camera. :)
My love and I
The gang!
Ready for dinner!
Mom and Elisabeth Finishing making all the preparations for the food.
Playing the wii