Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve and Day!!! :)

Playing the Wii with family...addicting and a good workout! My arm kills! ha ha! :)
Heading out for Christmas dinner! :)
A much needed new purse and once again...great taste Santa Baby! ;*

Good thing Santa knows how much I love my chocolate! ;)
Ben's much desired new more compact wallet. Good thing he was a good boy this year!
Santa has good taste! :)
Look what Santa brought us! :)
Excited for Santa to come!
My cute hubby! :)
Ready to head out and look at Christmas lights! :)
Christmas Eve!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Fun!!! :)

Our neighbors festive yard and house! I love it! :)
The Nativity
Cake decorating contest-my favorite! :)
Honoring the good Woos! :)
Wooville dancing co.
Cindy Loo Woo-absolutely adorable little girl!
Ah-mother and daughter woos!
The wooville sheriff himself!
Pudding time! :P
Mmmm I love me some bubbly! :)
Wooville Bubbly! :P Yum!
Enjoying being out together!
The guest of honor himself!
The amazing tree of wooville square!
The finished product!
goofing off with lights!Our cozy and fun Christmas corner!
Our super cute and cheap dollar decorations!
Setting up the tree! So Happy to have a tree! Ben took me on a surprise date to get some decorations, since ours are all in storage in Utah...We went cheap but it is so nice to have them! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Games and Fun!!! :)

Our lovely Thanksgiving feast setting!
So Grateful for eachother!

NeW mOoN DaTe NiGhT!!!

In line for New Moon....pretty stoked! Movies are a very rare treat with the prices in Colorado!
I found the next best thing...pucker up!!! ;*

Ben found his name! :)

So excited to see New Moon!

In front of teh new moon display at hot topik!

I sure love this boy! Is it obvious? ;)

Killing time in Walmart before the show...:)
Night on the town-so nice! :)
We love our Olive garden! :P
We love Italian food!
Super Excited for a date night out together! It has been like a month! Much needed time together! We can just never get enough of eachother! One thing I hope never changes!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

HaLlOwEeN wEeKeNd!!!

Freakishly good food!!! :P
Our wonderful hosts...Burger King and Dairy Queen! :)
Scary Ben! ha ha :D
GaMe fun! Playing SCUM!!! :)
Halloween Night! I think I will stick with the gypsy look! ;)
xoxoxo! ;*
Loving the night out on the town!!! :)
The BAND!!! McCall's Brother Nate on the keyboard! :)
Sexy Ladies!!! ;)
Oooo La La!!! ;) Mwah! ;*
Hitting up a concert in downtown Denver Friday night! :) Wahooo!
Fun with McCall and Marc downtown!