Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day and Ryan's "Homecoming" :)

Cami and I @ Ryan's "Homecoming" or whatever it is called these days. . . :)
Ryan and Uncle Bruce-so good to see family it has been almost a year and a half since I have seen my aunts and uncles. :)
The Ladies! Mom, Grandma Durfee and Ahlstrom, Aunt Sheryl, and Aunt Stephanie! :)
Silly little Nathan!
@ Ben's parents for Father's Day! Ben is the youngest of 17-so we come from very opposite ends of the family, with me being the oldest of 10 kids. I met my neice Niki and her 4 children-my great neices and nephews!-so crazy going from being the oldest of ten kids and the oldest grandchild, to being younger than my nieces and nephews! Never was an aunt before I got married...now I am an aunt 40 some odd times over and a GREAT aunt about 20 times over! So Crazy!!! :)
Ben's dog chico-he is almost 14 and is still as young and playful as can be! That is like 98 in dog years-nuts I tell ya! :)
Chilling with family in Ben's Parents gorgeous yard! So nice to chill and get to know new family-hope to see them all again soon!
Love this pic of Ben and I with the mountains behind Ben's parent's house in the background! :)

Yummy New Food & Fun!

SO excited! It has been a long time since I have had scones!
Making scones for our first time-that grease is a bit scary! :) We had navajo tacos for dinner and scones with honey butter for dessert-so so so good! :)
Bon Apetit!
Yum!!! :P
Ben working his magic on the bbq! So good sweetie! Thank you!
Loving being together!!! :) I just love this boy! ;)
I don't quite rock the grill like Ben does. :)

Ben's School Suprise! :)

Ben just started online schooling with Stevens Henager. He is studying accounting and business. I am so poroud of him! I decided to get him a little starting school kit with the money I won from the Nordstrom Talent show. He is always so supportive of my hopes and dreams and I just wanted to let him know I am just as supportive of his-even if it is hard and now I barely ever see him! In the end it will pay off! :) Love you babe!;*

Gotta have some snacks to help you stay awake while studying! :)

SO so so proud of my man!
He does so much to make our lives so much better!!! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hogle Zoo and the "This is the place" Monument!

The pretty flowers our buddy Matt gave us for our anniversary! Thanks Matty!
Olive Garden-so good! We were starving!!!

The Monument

"This is the Place!"

Love the view the monument overlooks!
The "This is the Place" Monument!
Love Hogle Zoo!
It was so hot! We wanted to jump in! :)

Gotta love water!
Old indian writings!
Ben makes such a handsome turtle!!! ;)
The Train!
It was pretty crazy-the train went right through the buffalo pen!
All Aboard!
Ben found his long lost brother-he hopes to be just like him one day...:)
How do I measure up? :)
So funny! I was blowing kisses to this camel and it lifted its head and puckered its lips-hilarious!
Ben felt honored to find a statue of himself in the zoo. ;)
I think it was waiting for us to crawl into its mouth! Yikes!
Ben was too scared but I had fun making faces with the snake-it was cool to have him interact with me-Ben just thought it was creepy!:)
Polly, want a cracker?
Talk about a big kitty!
Probably the closest I will ever be to a tiger....maybe :)

Dippin' Dots! Yummy!!!
Carousel ride-we were the biggest kids on this thing! :) ...and we loved every minute of it!

Baby Elephant Zuri! Too bad it was nap time!
Love this drinking fountain-sad, but it is what I think of every time I think of Hogle Zoo! :)

So Happy Together!