Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our New Home!!!


living/dining/great room

entry way/formal living room/ powder room

powder room
main bath
2nd bedroom
3rd bedroom...4th bedroom not pictured
the loft

master suite-bedroom and bath

unfinished basement


We just bought this home and will be moving in within this next month! We are SO excited!!! :) Ironically enough we were supposed to look at this house the night Jayden was born, but since I was in labor our realtor checked it out for us and we made an offer without even seeing it. 4 days later we went and saw it and fell in love with it! It is a good thing we put our offer in because it put us barely in first position with the bank...and here we are 4 weeks later under contract! :) SO exciting how things fall into place when they are right. Guess we got Jayden a pretty BIG birthday present! :) I know he is going to LOVE this house and Ben and I are going to LOVE raising our family there! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jayden-ONE month old! :)

He does not like having his arms restrained...this will be a struggle with the arm cuffs after his surgery...poor guy
trying to wake him up to feed him...:)

ha ha when this kid wants to sleep...there is nothing you can do to wake him...:)
Dinner with mom and dad and mom. ;)
Grandpa and Jayden
Aunt Cami came down one Saturday to hang out. :)

Daddy and son time! :)

Ryan and Hilary came down to visit! :)

My everything!

Meeting Jayden's surgeon! We LOVE him! Too bad we did not get a pic with him...maybe next time. :)

Jayden's first trip to the store! :)

Jayden's Aunties LOVE him! :)

First movie and pizza family night! :)
visiting Daddy @ work one day. :)
...and no Jayden is not falling off of me. He just likes to look at you. :) Pretty stinkin' cute! He is my little social butterfly! :)
My contraption to keep Jayden happy while I got ready for the surprise date Ben had planned for me. :)

totally worth a 45 minute wait for a table! :)
Ben took me to Maddox! Can you tell how surprised/excited I was?!!! :)
Hilary and I
Jared and I (I swear my whole family works here-ha ha) Ryan, Hilary, and Jared. :) It got us extra rolls though! :)
SO YUMMY!!! and the best part is we had a coupon and a gift card! :) We were gonna see a movie after, but instead went and slept a couple hours at my parent's while they watched Jayden. :)
Julie and Jayden :)
Great Grandma Durfee and Jayden-love how alert this little dude is! He is gonna be a curious one I can tell! ;)
My little monkey man. :)
The cute little hat my friend Julie got Jayden...perfect for the colder months ahead. :)
Great Grandpa Durfee and Jayden-LOVE how he just takes in your face.

already such a ladies man! They all LOVE him! :)
First time going to church-luckily he got all the crying out before and was angelic for the entire 3 hour block. :)
Love this little dude SO much!
Eating lunch w/Great Grandma Ahlstrom! :)
Jayden and Grandma! :)
Uncle Derek was so patient and loving with Jayden even though he was fussy. :)
Jayden does not like when Mommy wakes him up in the middle of the day so he will sleep at night...he probably hates it as much as I dislike being woken up at night. At least I hold him when he wakes up. He does not return the courtesy at night. ;)
Hitting up the Mall to get out of the house, get some exercise and of course ruin the whole point of exercise with some see's candies. :)
Jayden was good the whole time and Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed getting out and talking together. :)
So nice to get out!
not quite sure what to think of his vibrating chair...ha ha

so much like Daddy already...already glued to the tv-ha ha.

Ha ha he tinkled on "uncle Matty" twice this night! :)

The yummy dinner Matt and DeNeige made us! :)
"Auntie" DeNeige!

Matt and DeNeige! LOVE these two!
My little love and I

My parents brought my grandpa down to see Jayden for his Birthday and we all went to Chuck-a-Rama! SO yummy!!! (and so nice to be able to eat again!) :) Now I just better watch it or I could end up heavier not pregnant than I was when I was pregger! LOL
We are a bit on the tired side these days...;)

Chillin' on a Sunday as a family. :) We LOVE having Daddy home!!!
My little bundle of joy-one month old exactly!!! :)
Our amazing realtor Shawndra and Jayden. :)
Still finding time to squeeze in a little romance..;) This was a Sunday dinner we enjoyed together while Jayden was taking a nap. :) Ben was cute and busted out the candles and sparkling grape juice. :)

So yummy (if I don't say so myself) and so nice to be able to share a moment together!
So sweet...tried to capture how they have the same nose, but could not get the angle...:)
Jayden has my coloring and Ben's structure. :)
Balancing act...:) It kept him happy for a while...until it fell. :)