Saturday, June 30, 2012

4 year anniversary!!!

Hanging out with Ben and my bankie boo watching a movie. :)

yup...he was fussying a bit...but with 4 teeth coming in who can blame the guy?
Snuggling with Daddy made it all better. :)

Homemade pizza and breadsticks! YUMMY!!! :P

My flexible little monkey wanted to watch me cook. :)

Hitting up the Aquarium! Jayden absolutely LOVED it and could not get enough! He giggles and squealed and kicked his legs excitedly while looking at just about every exhibit. Definitely a better idea than the zoo like we were planning, at least until he is older and knows what to look for. :) It was so much fun living vicariously through him (one of the many, many perks of being a parent). :)

ha ha ha gotta love the girl that looks like she is getting beat up in the background...
Otters! One of Jayden's (and our) favorite exhibit!

Ya...we could never get him to look at the camera for a group pic while we were here because he was too busy taking it all in! Lol!

okay-too busy looking at the exhibits or Mommy's necklace...;)
playing in the peek-a-boo hole in the otter cage with Daddy. :)

Gross! I hate tentacles!!! (at least I got the word right this time unlike my last visit here 5 years ago when I creamed that I hated something else...awkward!!!)
The shark tank-could not tear Jayden away from this one!

Finally one of him looking at the camera! :)

This lobster was HUGE! Like 2 feet long!

I love this one! My baby is definitely the cutest ever!!! There...I said it! :)

Sea horses!

Watching them feed the stingrays! :)

Jayden thought all the splashing was the funniest thing ever! (just like when he splashes in the bath at home). :)

LOVE my boysies!

The penguin exhibit-We loved this exhibit!

Jayden pretending to be an eel. :)

This shirt makes me look pregnant, but I had to show how big this fish was.

Can you find the alligators? :)

Ben got a little excited about the piranhas...don't worry Jayden made it home in one piece. ;)
HUGE anaconda!

Taking a food break for churros, pretzels with cheese and a bottle. :)

touching the stingrays!

Even after touching them 5 years ago...I was nervous about touching them again...:S
Yup-Jayden definitely had a BLAST! :)

I did it! :)
Jelly fish!

Love exploring the world and experiencing life with my little guy!

Jayden hanging out with my little cousin Hannah!

After dropping Jayden off at my grandparent's, Ben and I busted out the air mattress (we ended up sleeping on it for 3 nights-we have a comfy one and it was fun to break routine) and vedged out to movies and junk food!

The next day we went and saw the Avengers-finally and for $2.50 a person too! It was SO worth the wait-AMAZING!!! :)