Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Busy and Behind-OcToBeR 2012! :)

 Grandpa and Grandma came for dinner after Jayden's surgery and brought him this fun and cute table. :)

I LOVE this little snuggler!

Afternoon nap with Great Grandpa Durfee

LOVE the fall leaves! :) Perfect backdrop for our family pics!

Hit up a pizza joint in town afterwards...and have I ever mentioned that Jayden LOVES Jared? :)
...and dancing with Grandma. :)


Cami's snapshot since she would be missing family photos at my grandparent's 50th celebration due to being in Ecuador. SO proud of her! :)

Time Out for Women Girl's weekend with my Mom, Aunt and Mom's bestie, Korina. :)

Such an uplifting, amazing and inspiring event!

Chatting, playing games and winding down for the night, but not before french fries and shakes! :)

All dolled up for day 2!
Love the fall leaves in Logan!

Lunch break-YUM!!!

Out to lunch after Jayden's post op with Grandma. :) This was Jayden's 1st time trying chocolate milk-needless to say, he LOVED it!!! We switched back to water after a bit and his little face had "rip off!" written all over it!
Ready to hit up Frightmares at Lagoon with the awesome peeps from our company!!! :) SO.STINKIN.FUN!!!

Such a fun and romantic date and much needed might I add. :)

Yummy snacks!!!


The gang! (most of us anyway)

The last crazies to try this day Ben and I are gonna do it! :)

Cheese!!! :D

More birthday celebrating with friends!

He is one spoiled little boy!!!

Love moments like this!

Jayden's 1st time in fall leaves...I don't think he liked the texture. He wouldn't let his arms touch them. :)

HaLlOwEeN!!! :) Wearing the same costume I wore at his age. My Mom made it. :)

Such a cute little punkin!

1st time trick-or-treating! :)


Grabbing some snacks...:)

LOVE this smile!!!