Thursday, March 22, 2012

Starting our life in West Haven and St. Patrick's Day!

 Look Mom! I can hold my bottle all on my own!
 It gets a little tricky though when I am trying to keep watching you and hold it. :)

 Date night to FaT CaTs!

 Hitting up the arcade!

 Go team BENAE! :)

 Jayden fell asleep cuddling with Ben (check out the drool on his arm-lol).

 Jayden was pretty happy and relaxed while he got a foot zone from Grandma. :)

 Ryan and Hilary came over for games and a sleepover! :)

 My guy and I. :)

 More dinner and games and fun with friends! :)

 Making spud nuts (homemade doughnuts) with Grandma and Great Grandma for St, Patrick's Day! :) I should have gotten pictures...we even put green sprinkles on them. :) Jayden was sure to wear green (I don't think he wanted to get pinched)...Mommy was not so smart.
 My little Momma's boy. If he had his way he would hang on me like this all day long! LOL
 Uncle Derek had him sporting the two hat look. :)

 Aunt Andrea and Aunt Lindsay came over for a sleepover. Jayden loves to cuddle with them almost as much as they like to snuggle him. ;)

 Jayden becomes one happy boy when Ben comes home from work! :D whole world.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ben's 26th Birthday! :)

 Ben's birthday present opening celebration at midnight. :)

 Me looking lovely...*cough while making Ben his birthday breakfast burrito...I am just glad Ben did not catch my face. :)


 Jayden's birthday present to Ben was finally eating cereal! YAY!!! :)


 playing mario kart with Daddy. :) help Jayden not be so upset about his helmet we clap when we put it on after feedings and "bow to the king". Nathan was a trooper and bowed over and over again. Jayden sat there lapping it up, can you tell? :)
 Ben's birthday dinner at my parent's.

 Me decorating Ben's cake. :)

 The final product-don't judge me, it tasted good. :)

 The kid's made Ben some really thoughtful cards and presents. :)

 Jayden fell asleep in Grandma's arms. :)

 My grandparent's came over for another birthday dinner (his special request for me-crescent rolls) and a little house warming party. :)

 Ben's cake number 2. :)