Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's a BOY!!! :)

Meet Jayden Benjamin Ostler! We cannot wait to meet and hold our little man. We love you so much already little buddy. :)

So precious with his little hand by his face. That is my son! I am gonna be a mommy!!! :) I can't wait to enjoy life with my two guys! :)

It was so touching and precious watching him move around on the screen. I love this pic they captured of his adorable little feet. Don't you just love those little piggys? :)
Jayden really wanted to let all of us (including me) that thought he was for sure a girl know that he is in fact 100% BOY and proud of it!
My little Jayden again. :)
Ben and I just after finding out we were going to be parents of a son! :) I was so surprised but I could not be more thrilled! I got the little boy I wanted. We will get Ben his little daddy's girl later. :) Can't wait to hang out with my little mama's boy! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

16 weeks!!!

Not much of a bump yet...can't see it with my shirt, but there is a little bump under my ribs that have really begun to stick out since being so sick with the pregnancy. :) Can't wait til there is a bump everyone will be able to see. I am getting to that point where you just feel fat, not pregnant.

Janae's Baby Shower

Alyssa's cute baby girl Paige

So fun to have a girls day out! Can't beat scrumptious refreshments, giggles, and lots of talking. :)

Only Maddox is worth driving in a blizzard. :)

Maddox!!! :) I was so excited! It was totally worth driving an hour in April blizzard to eat here. :)

I must say I found my turkey steak immensely delicious!
Ben took me here the night we got engaged. We had not been since then. It was so romantic and sweet of him. I really needed the night out.

Conference weekend

The view outside our window in the morning of Conference Sunday. Does it look like April 3rd to you?

The sun and snow took turns off and on all day, switching on the hour it seemed.

So nice to chill and enjoy conference together. I love not having to get ready for church. We even made a big bed on the living room floor and made and devoured homemade french fries and fry sauce...we can be so childish sometimes, and I <3 it!
I love this guy!

Hitting up the Hometown for the weekend. :)

The Brigham City Temple! So exciting!!! We went up north so my mom could cut our hair and color mine. :)

Peach City! We could not resist stopping for a couple "Big Joe's" :P

We love this place! Brings back great memories of when Ben and I dated, were engaged, and first married. :)

It still fits!!!

I was pretty excited that I fit in my wedding dress 3 years later and 4 months pregnant. This may be the last time though...


Ryan and Hilary came down and stopped by to visit. We just love these two! Thanks for the visit guys!
Ben and his brother Mike. This was my first time meeting Mike. He is from Alaska. It was a little different meeting my brother-in-law after almost 3 years of marriage and 3 months pregnant. I have now met 9 of Ben's 16 siblings...I have a few more to go, but we are even after all he has met 9 of mine. ;)
It was so neat to get to bottle feed Ben's parent's baby cows! :)

Rocking out my father-in-laws coat and boots so I could feed the cows. :) Smashing look eh? ;)
Ben, Mike and I