Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pretending it is Spring...even though officially-it is! Warm up already!

So tired of mucky 30 degree weather and being stuck inside...Ben and I decided to brave it and visit a park...


Ben decided to get a pic of me asleep...stinker. I woke up freezing about 15 minutes later. :)
It was fun...but really least we got out of the apartment. Now time to pack up, go home, turn on the fireplace, and watch a movie while sipping hot cocoa. :)

Life the past little while...

We grabbed Subway is all I wanted to eat for like 4 days straight. At least it is healthy. :)
Ben holding Mattix-so cute! So excited to see him hold our own little one...
Mattix and Daddy-so precious!
Me holding Mattix who was like 15 hours old at the time-so AMAZING! Can't wait til it is mine I am holding. :)
More of our Monopoly obsession...hey at least it is cheap and entertaining and Ben and I interact more than when we watch t.v. :)

Lunch date with Mom and was a girl's day out, but Derek decided to tag along. At least he is a cutie and also very entertaining. :)

Ben and I have begun a new obsession with Monopoly and Zoe and Chloe had fun watching. :)

The cute new things that Ben got me...and can't beat it at 75-80% off for everything. :) I love my new things and really needed the pick-me-up. Ben is so good to me.
Goofing around trying on all the hats...

I-hop date! I was craving pancakes which is weird because I do not usually care for them-but this place really hit the spot!!!
Green Fruit Dip for St. Patty's Day! :) So so so yummy!

Matt and DeNeige
We had a fun and romantic candlelight dinner with some good friends a while back.

Proof I do get ready (once in a while) since it has been a very rare occasion since getting pregnant...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thoughts and Prayers for Japan

It is heartbreaking the damage natural disasters can inflict. I was in bed last night unable to sleep and feeling frustrated and sorry for myself. That is when I got online to see this and decided I had better count my blessings. My heart goes out to all affected by this disaster, especially to the four Japanese foreign exchange students that we have hosted and their families. May God be with you all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

12 weeks! :)

The adorable wood cut-outs I found for the nursery @ dollar tree! Pretty proud of this find. :)
12 weeks pregnant...still losing weight and getting smaller but looking forward to the baby bump...I get the feeling it is going to pop out one of these days. :)
The first two I have painted. I think they are gonna be so cute!

Ben's Birthday!...quarter of a century old!

Present time!

Ben showing off his favorite presents while his brother called to wish him happy birthday. :)
Making an attempt to hit up the town on Ben's birthday, but not without my sprite in hand...
Finally a beautiful day even if it was a bit chilly. :) Spring, spring please get here!

@ the mall
Ben's Birthday cake...since I was too sick to bake. Enjoy! Too bad I could not fit 25 candles on it...

The demolished cupcake after the candles. :)
Ben's B-day dinner at my folks-thanks for cooking it for him for me mom! Love you!
Her cake was a little more impressive than mine.
Make a wish!
Larry and I!
Boy will be boys...
Tori and Britlee-love these two girls!
My little five year old stinker...I mean brother...:)
My number one fan and I...Love this guy!
...and this one too...maybe a little more...;) It doesn't get better than being the birthday boys date! :)
Brothers and Brother-in-law
Dad and Donny
Ben thinks he can do whatever he wants because it is his birthday...Ryan do I for that matter. :)
Ben next to the cute sign my mom put up for him.