Saturday, October 6, 2012

Falling into Autumn 2012-already?!

 Only seems appropriate to impersonate a man at a women's expo, right? :)

 LOVE girl's days with this girlie!!! :)
Sorry Daddy...;)

 Converting Heidi to the world of accessories! Any one who knows me knows I am never complete without them!!! :)

These seat covers reminded us of  a dead animal...yikes!
 Sunday nature walk with my family ! :)

 Kids will be kids! LOL!

 Jayden sure loves all his fun Aunts and Uncles! :)

 I LOVE when the leaves start to change! :)

Reminds me of the Sound of  Music ( A show I have been obsessed with before I could even walk  or talk) LOVE it!!! :)

This little guy sure LOVES having Daddy around! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

jAyDeN's FiRsT BiRtHdAy!!!

 Jayden LOVED his birthday balloons!!!

 Jayden and Honami. :)

 The AWESOME and SUPER cute cakes Cami made for Jayden! :)

 What's a birthday without fun decorations?!

 Balloons, balloons and MORE balloons!
 Yummy grub time! :P

 I was really hoping he would be walking this birthday, but all in good time, I suppose...:)

 No tape...just static to keep the balloons up. :)

 PRESENTS! I was probably more excited than he was. :)
 Honami and I-LOVE this girl!!!

 What are those big and colorful things? :)

 He struggled a bit at first...

 ...but he definitely got the idea! :)

 He LOVED this little car-hence the kisses below. ;)

 The Book from Homani-our little guy LOVES books!!!

 CHOCOLATE! ( I may have helped him eat it. ;) ).

 The cute stuffed animal that Jayden fell in LOVE with! :)

 Cake time! Make a wish Jayden!!! :)

 He was not sure what to think at first...

 but it was not long before he was LOVING it!!!

 Probably his favorite event of the night-playing with the balloons with all the kiddos. :)
I would say it was a VERY successful first birthday experience. :)

 My parents came a week later with even MORE presents! This little guy sure is spoiled!!!

 This spoon of all of it, believe it or not is his absolute FAVORITE-lol!