Monday, September 27, 2010

Girl Playdate: Ikea and Bridal Veil Falls!

The water was so cold! Paige was so brave-not even a cry!

Gorgeous Bridal Veil Falls!

Such a cute mother daughter pic! ( and not bad photographer skills if I don't say so myslef! :) ) I got Paige to smile! Wahoo!

Such a fun day out enjoying some window shopping and nature! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

OuR little RoAd tRiP (part one)...Bear Lake!

Packing up the car and ready to hit up Bear Lake! :) Three whole days together! Wahoo!!! It could not have come @ a better time!
Bear Lake!!! So cold @ 56 degrees out @ 3 o' clock...but we had fun anyway!


It is crazy how far out you can go and have the water still be shallow.

Ben put his cold wetsuit right against my bare skin!!! So sold!!!! Stinker!!! :)

My crazy hairstyle as I tried to keep my hair dry...:)

Dinner Time! I love me some roasted hot dogs!

gotta love trying to wash the dishes while camping!

We were really "roughing" it, even brought our laptop to watch a movie. The Last Song was pretty good! :)
Time to grab our p.j.'s and toothbrushes out of the so so cold @ about 35 degrees out! Brrr!

I can be a pretty silly little girl @ times and get
I made Ben sneak into the ladies room w/ me.....ssshhh! Good thing we were the only ones crazy to camp @ this time of the year! :)

Breakfast Time! Time for hot cocoa and to thaw in the sun after a very, very cold night!

Time to try to rent some jet skiis in this ghost town...
....after trying and waiting around for "the cleaning man" to come and help us with the jet skiis, no such luck! Bummer!!! :( We went swimming anyway and tried to make the most of it...that is when we decided that for 50 bucks cheaper than jet skiing, we could spend the night @ Providence Inn in Logan where we spent our honeymoon-I was stoked!!!
Goodbye beautiful, but cold Bear Lake-hopefully next time we meet it is a little warmer!

You can barely see it, but the rack in the back of this truck is HUGE!

Rick's Spring!!!

Ben just had to climb on the top of the cave to get a pic! Sillly Boy! Glad he didn't fall!